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These are improvised pics of my favourite 2. Panzerdivision reflecting my rough-shod painting style and my idea of cloth-based scenery. They have been slightly photoshopped to capture that gritty quality of WWII colour photography. Call me a freak, I won’t deny your actualiteh.

Here’s my 2nd sweeping through Northern France and on to Dunkirk in May 1940, under the command of its founder (1936) Heinz Guderian.

Lead column of 1st Battalion advancing on Vyasma, October 1941, as part of Heeresgruppe Mitte.

Mr A. Hitler of 6 Voßstraße, Berlin, is constantly demanding ‘speedy and decisive results’ before the onset of winter. As a consequence our reconnaissance Kompanie is exhausted, we are becoming sloppy and suffering from constant Russian artillery barrages. We’re running foul of the weather, too. Verdammt annoying.

Karl-Heinz, is that Moscow in the distance? Or just more bloody datcha’s?