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Toraldo d’Aragona coat of arms

The Tercio de Toraldo was raised in Napels by maestre de campo Gaspare Toraldo d’Aragona (also: de Aragón), marchese di Tola (1587-1641) in the spring of 1633. It consisted of 14 companies and had a total strength of about 2.200 men. The tercio was immediately dispatched to the border with Piedmont to deter Piedmontese incursions into Italian Habsburg territory. Gaspare Toraldo conquered the town of Roccaverano and the fortress of La Rocca, forcing a Piedmontese withdrawal.

In June 1634 the T. de Toraldo was added to the expeditionary army of Cardinal Infante Fernando. In September of 1634 it fought at Nördlingen, where it maintained its position on the northern side of the Albuch at great cost. The remainder of the T. de Toraldo was sent to Flanders, where during the fall of 1634 it was merged with another Neapolitan tercio, the Tercio de Cárdenas, as part of a newly formed Ejército de Alsacia (‘Army of the Elzas’).

Modern impression of the Tercio de Toraldo repulsing Horn’s cavalry at the Albuch, battle of Nördlingen, 1634, by artist Mikel Olazábal. Source: magazine Desperta Ferro!