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In 1902 Karl Gimbel, retired lieutenant of the Royal Army of Württemberg, published an album of photographs of European arms and armour which he had reconstructed from various textual and pictorial sources as well as from original objects in museums and private collections [1]. Gimbel was an amateur historian, but being a Deutscher Offizier he did a thorough job and if his mannequins don’t seem very life-like their arms certainly look the business.

Imagine your cellar looking like this.

Part of Gimbel Collection

Gimbel made four reconstructions for the 17th century. For those who want to look into his sources, these are painstakingly listed in the book. Ambitious wargamers who want their models to look just right can take their cue from Leutnant Gimbel. Although the gentleman on Table XIX seems to have his boots on the wrong feet…

[1] Karl Gimbel, Die Reconstructionen der Gimbel’schen Waffensammlung, Berlin, 1902