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The Tercio de Infantería en Navarra was inaugurated on 23 September 1633 under Maestre de campo Don José García Salcedo, a cavalry Captain after whom the tercio was soon named.After it was shipped to Flanders in 1667 this well-drilled tercio served as a model for others and acquired the nick-name of Escuela de Flandes or ‘School of Flanders’.

In 1702 it was renamed Tercio No 6. It survived under various other names and was dissolved only in 1996 as Regimiento de Infanteria Flandes nº 30.

During the 17th century the tercio was named after its successive Maestres: Tercio de Velasco, Tercio de Rada, Tercio de Manrique, Tercio de Pantoja, Tercio de Mancheño, Tercio de Villescas.

Military Record

  • War with Portugal (1664): battle of Ameixal y Montes Claros
  • War of Devolution (1667-1668): siege of Oudenaarde (1668)
  • Nine Years’ War (1688-1697): sieges of Mons/Bergen (1691), Namur (1692) and Charleroi (1693); battles of Neerwinden (1693) and La Marsaille (1693), bombardment of Brussels (1695)