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The Tercio Torrecuso was raised in 1631 in Napels by Maestre de campo Carlo Andrea Caracciolo, Marchese de Torrecuso (1583-1646). It was stationed in Lombardy during 1632 and in 1633 was detached to the expeditionary army of the Duque de Feria, but since its numbers had decreased to 1.800 men it was reinforced with troops from other Neapolitan tercios (particularly the T. Boccapianola) until its strength reached 3.000 men.

During its stay in Germany it lost many men to disease and desertion, and in January 1634 its strength was down to 800 men, but the junction with the expeditionary army of Cardinal Infante Fernando brought it up to 950. At Nördlingen in September 1634 it was part of the reserve and only a manga of its musketeers was involved in the fight.